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Sneaker Shields™ Magic Foam

$12.99 $14.99

Unleash the magic of sneaker cleaning with Sneaker Shields™ Magic Foam, the crown jewel of premium foam cleaners. Our state-of-the-art pump action dispenser effortlessly delivers the perfect amount of cleaning solution every time, freeing you from the hassle of pre-wetting your brush.

Just a few pumps of Magic Foam onto your footwear, and you're ready to tackle any dirt or stain. Pair it with the right Sneaker Shields™ Premium brush, specifically designed for your shoe's material, and gently work the foam into the affected areas. Watch in amazement as the toughest stains and dirt disappear, leaving your sneakers looking as impeccable as the day you first laced them up.

Formulated with the finest natural ingredients, Magic Foam ensures that your beloved kicks get the gentle yet effective cleaning they deserve. To achieve the ultimate cleaning experience, we recommend using it in conjunction with our Sneaker Shields™ Premium brushes, designed to complement the Magic Foam's prowess perfectly.

Step up your sneaker care game with Sneaker Shields™ Magic Foam – the secret to maintaining that fresh, out-of-the-box look with ease and efficiency. Try it now and give your sneakers the luxury treatment they deserve!

When it comes to shoe and sneaker Crease Protectors, Crease Guards, and Crease Preventers, don't settle for imitations – Sneaker Shields™ are the trailblazing, original Crease Protectors. Say no to knockoffs and opt for the authentic, top-tier protection your cherished sneakers deserve. Take your sneaker care to new heights with the unbeatable Magic Foam today!