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Sneaker Shields was founded in 2006 by Paul Siragusa when he brought his vision to reality and invented / released the first fully Wearable Shoe Tree / Wearable Crease Preventer.

Today, Sneaker Shields® has grown into a globally recognized and trusted brand. In 2023 with the release of many new products including our newest innovation, FRESH SOLES, Sneaker Shields has turned its focus to being the only "Sneaker Preservation" brand in the world. Our Innovative shoe care and shoe preservation line has now grown into everything you need to help preserve your kicks and keep them looking new as the day you bought them even after many wears!

Sneaker Shields® provide superior comfort to our users and last from anywhere between 2-6 years. Sneaker Shields are designed to fit into any shoe type including top performing sneakers and dress shoes. They are backed with our “no hassle” return/exchange policy.

There is a Shield to go with any shoe on the market. It doesn’t matter if you play sports, wear everyday casual shoes, or even boots. Sneaker Shields will help keep them looking crisp and new.

We have designed and released a whole line of sneaker preservation and shoe care products that were excited for everyone to get to use to protect their sneaker investment.

Sneaker Shields® are made in the USA and every product we release has undergone thorough testing to meet the highest level of quality for our customers. You won’t be disappointed by our products and our customer service is second to none.

Sneaker Shields® are Patented in the USA and Canada. Patent # D970, 203, CA2694164C and other patents pending worldwide!

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