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1 CASE of ALL NEW Fresh Soles™️ - INSOLE PRESERVERS (12 Pairs / Case)


Now dirty and stinky insoles are a thing of the past! Not only can you keep your toe box in pristine condition because of our SHIELDS®, but now you can help keep your designer insoles LOOKING NEW & GERM FREE with FRESH SOLES™ by Sneaker Shields® 

FRESH SOLES are made from a stretchy and durable antimicrobial film. They are designed to be installed over your new insoles to preserve their new & clean look, while helping to keep your kicks germ free at the same time.

FRESH SOLES work great on all insoles. Use them on your sneakers, dress shoes, work boots and more.

FRESH SOLES will last up to 6 months while helping to keep your insoles bacteria and odor-free and looking as new as the day you bought them. Slight wrinkles may occur on the surface of the insole over time, but that’s normal.


To remove, use a hair dryer on hot setting and heat the film before and as you gently peel them off. The more heat you apply the easier they should come off.

*Use only a hairdryer. Do not use a heat gun.


All insoles are different so please make sure you follow the instructions for installation and removal. We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your insoles by not following the installation or removal directions.