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Cleaning Kit + Military Grade Shields®

$29.99 $47.45

Step into the world of elite sneaker care with the exclusive Sneaker Shields® Care Package, a comprehensive kit designed to keep your sneakers in immaculate condition. This special bundle is a treasure trove for sneaker enthusiasts, featuring:

  • 1 Pair of Military Grade Shields®: Experience the ultimate in crease prevention with these robust Shields, made from military-grade synthetic rubber. Battle-tested for toughness, they blend unbeatable protection with comfort, backed by a lifetime guarantee against cracking or breaking.

  • 1 Bottle of Magic Foam Premium Cleaner: Revolutionize your cleaning routine with our top-of-the-line foam cleaner. Its unique pump action dispenses the perfect amount of solution, eliminating the need to pre-wet your brush. Watch as stains vanish before your eyes, leaving your kicks looking fresher than ever.

  • Premium Brush Kit: This trio of premium-sized brushes (5”x1.5”) is tailor-made for every cleaning need. The Soft Hog Hair brush is ideal for fabric and knitted sneakers, the Medium Bristle Brush for leather, and the Tuff Brush for rubber midsoles. Simply apply Magic Foam, choose the right brush, and restore your kicks to their glory.

This Sneaker Shields® Care Package is more than just a set of tools; it's an investment in the longevity and beauty of your footwear collection. Seize this opportunity to give your sneakers the luxury treatment they deserve. Grab your care package today and ensure your kicks remain as pristine and stylish as they were on day one, year after year. Only available from Sneaker Shields®.

You will love the way your kicks stay Crease Free. We guarantee it!

When it comes to shoe and sneaker Crease Protectors, Crease Guards, and Crease Preventers, don't settle for imitations – Sneaker Shields™ are the trailblazing, original Crease Protectors. Say no to knockoffs and opt for the authentic, top-tier protection your cherished sneakers deserve. Take your sneaker care to new heights with the unbeatable Cleaning Kit & Military Grade Shields™ today!