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**EXTRA THIN SHIELDS** Pre-Notched Universal Shields®

$7.99 $12.99


Behold the Pre-Notch Universal – the Pinnacle of Sneaker Armor! Unleashing our THINNEST DESIGN for an unbeatable defense against scuffs and creases. These Shields® are the epitome of slim, clocking in at half the regular thickness, ensuring a flawless fit for all sneaker styles, with a special nod to the iconic J’s. Crafted from our plush, softer-than-ever plastic, they're a symphony of comfort and durability, promising years of absolute sneaker bliss.

Picture this: the Pre-Notch Universal isn't just a Shield®; it's the HOLY GRAIL of Wearable Shoe Tree®. The go-to choice for your everyday sneaker escapades, it's a fortress against creases, making sure your kicks stay pristine, day in and day out.

Don’t sleep on this. Grab your pair now and lock in that everlasting freshness for your kicks – because true sneakerheads deserve nothing less.

Experience the joy of crease-free kicks – you'll love the way they stay Crease Free, and we guarantee it!

Unlock incredible savings when you order 3 pairs of Shields® or more. Elevate your sneaker care game and choose the Pre-Notch Universal for unmatched protection and style. Don't wait – take care of your kicks today!

 PLEASE NOTE: These Shields® do not ship in packaging for website orders ONLY.